Big data and analytics is a field that is rich with career opportunity. More than any previous information systems endeavors, it brings together business and technology in an inseparable way and this evolution is offering new career horizons for IT professionals.
The challenge lies in reaching those horizons.


“Ride The Information Tidal Wave With Advanced Analytics”

Contemporary information landscape is producing ever-increasing amounts of data. These data streams come from interactions with customers, events created during internal business processes, internal\external digital channels, IoTs and social media. Data coming from any of these formal and informal streams is nonetheless integral to comprehensive analysis for organisations to gain deeper insights and next best opportunities for business to grow.

Information landscapes overwhelmed by the tidal wave of data are increasingly demanding deployment of data lakes and big data repositories to take advantage of data from advanced analytics techniques and deep learning mechanisms.

Big Data Analytics is increasingly emerging as a key enabler in helping organizations achieve this. Creating a powerful customer value proposition requires understanding customer behaviour, preferences and needs along with product/service lifecycle and linking these with ongoing operational transactions and past behaviour.

Datametrix offers solutions and services for the implementation of data management, advance analytics and data integration solutions for big data analytics

  • Advanced Analytics
    Our offerings range from advance analytics and data science architecture, to infrastructure design and reengineering. Our implementation service offerings include:
    • Feature engineering
    • Integrated analytics and data science solutions
    • Recommendation engines and
    • Closed-loop digital applications.
  • Information Management and Big Data Integration
    Design and deployment of data lake architectures and infrastructures that unite data, advanced analytics and business intelligence, thereby “operationalizing” decision making processes. These solutions include online/offline data and application integration, machine learning, information integration management and adaptive architecture design and implementation

  • Digital Integration

    Business Intelligence and Enterprise Integration solutions that support the spectrum of Digital needs. Our offerings include: online personalization and eCRM; the integration of analytic and transactional systems to support real-time organizational responsiveness; as well as, high-volume/high-performance data acquisition and infrastructure management.

Of course, we're not one of the big consulting firms. And that's a critical advantage for you and your organization. Here's why:

We run a tight ship at Datametrix, and we'll work for you the same way. We are lean and efficient. Our teams are only as large as they need to be to do a great job-- and no larger. We know that a highly trained team of bright professionals can move faster and work smarter than larger-- and more expensive-- groups.

Flexible engagement models. We also know that a lean operation requires being flexible enough to find the most efficient solution, so we offer a range of implementation approaches. We can either take complete responsibility for the delivery of a solution or create blended teams where we mentor your staff as part of the implementation. We can even act simply as advisors, helping your implementation teams work as effectively as possible. Or we can simply provide staff to augment your efforts.

We hire best people and technologists. At each level we hire the best individuals for the task at hand. Our principles are seasoned professionals with decades of experience in the IT field. On the other end of the spectrum, our staff consultants are all technical specialists. Along with a profound understanding of the technology and a razor sharp intellect, they provide an aggressive and ongoing commitment to training and retooling.

The advantage is all yours. It all adds up to solutions that are both technically superb and highly cost-effective. And that's an advantage that all our clients appreciate.

Datametrix offers to empower software engineers and professionals with industry based big data training, placement assistance and product development exposure for specialising in hadoop, data management, analytics and other open source technologies.